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What Waste Can Grab Hire Remove?


A grab lorry can hold and move as much as two times more waste than a skip, which means they’re ideal for removing waste from both large and small projects.

Whether you’re working on a small private residential project or a large commercial build, there’s nothing a Mayo Grab Hire lorry can’t move in Manchester.

While a skip is often used for all types of waste, a grab hire lorry can also move a variety of waste and move it to a designated recycling or reuse plant where it often has the chance of being reused. This is one of the many reasons people prefer to use a grab lorry, as they know their waste is being disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner. Our grab hire trucks also delivery a wide range of quarried aggregates, recycled aggregates, sand and topsoils. 

If you’re considering hiring a grab lorry for your next project, then below you will find the different types of waste a grab lorry can move, so you know it’s right for the job.


Muck away includes the removal of inert spoil and earth commonly known as muck away.

At Mayo Grab Hire, Manchester  we offer a muck away service which means you can move high volumes of muck in a much faster than when using a traditional skip.

High piles of muck can quickly build up on-site, which delays projects and makes it difficult to manoeuvre around the site.

Where a skip would get filled quickly, a grab lorry can not only manually pick the muck off the ground, but it can hold much more muck than a skip and if necessary, make multiple trip to ensure the site is cleared on the same day where as there is a lot of waiting around involved in skip collection and delivery.

When budgeting is a concern for a project, this can help you stay within costs, as a grab lorry can often hold double the amount of a skip.

Green Waste

From grass, shrubbery, flowers, and hedge cuttings, soil and tree roots; our grab lorries at Mayo Grab Hire are ideal for collecting and removing large volumes of green waste.

Whether you’re working on a large landscaping project, or demolishing green space, our grab hire lorries can collect and remove all types of green waste.

We are licensed waste removers by The Environment Agency; so, all waste we remove is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and help reduce the impact on landfill sites.

While skips can be placed on-site to remove green waste, this requires both land space, and manual labour to fill the skip. However, with a grab lorry, we can collect your green waste from a designated area quickly and efficiently — no need for extra manual labour, and no large-skip getting in the way.

Green Waste That We Remove Includes:

  • Hedge Cuttings
  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Bushes
  • Shrubbery
  • Tree Roots


Timber removal is particularly popular within the construction industry. As wood and other timbers are vital resources in the construction industry, we take them to specialist timber recycling plants so that the materials do not end up in landfill.

From domestic builds to large housing estate builds, we have supported a number of individuals and organisations in removing their timber waste efficiently so that work can continue seamlessly.

Timber waste that we remove includes:

  • Wood Chippings
  • Timber Offcuts


Grab lorries can move both domestic and commercial rubbish much faster than you can get rid of waste with a skip.

As fly-tipping has become an increased issue across the UK, not just in Manchester we give our customers peace-of-mind that our service is professional, efficient, and authorised by the Environment Agency.

Rubbish clearance is a sensitive area of waste removal for many companies as it can make a site look untidy and be a risk to the public in some spaces. Therefore, we remove rubbish quickly and in high volumes to ensure it is not sat around on-site, causing obstructions, or causing any hazards to the public. We work continuously with our local authorities across Greater Manchester and Cheshire removing fly tipped waste efficiently and compliantly.

Rubbish waste that we remove includes:

  • Domestic Rubbish
  • Commercial Rubbish
  • Fly Tipped Waste & Rubbish


Rubble from construction work, demolition and utility projects often overwhelm a project. There are high quantities of rubble, and it needs to be moved quickly to keep the project on track.

This is where a grab lorry really comes into its own, as a grab lorry can pick-up and move hardcore materials far quicker than manually loading into a skip and waiting for the skip to be removed and even replaced once full.

In fact, in most cases, a skip cannot handle the high capacity of hardcore that needs to be removed. It can take multiple skips before the hardcore is finally removed. However, with a grab lorry, there is no need for the rubble to be moved. A grab lorry can access even hard to reach terrains on a site and collect hardcore in large quantities.

Hardcore waste that we remove includes:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Aggregate
  • Rubble
  • Tarmac

If you need to take advantage of the many waste removal services a grab lorry can offer then contact Mayo Grab Hire today for a free no obligation quotation – 0161 707 7773.