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A Guide to Aggregates Delivery and Supply in Manchester

Looking for quality aggregates delivery and Grab Hire services in Manchester? Our blog is here to dive into how you can find a reliable aggregate and delivery service, as well as what aggregates are and where they come from. To learn more about aggregate supply, keep reading our complete guide!

What Are Aggregates?

Aggregates are an essential material that have been used in construction for many years! They are a key component of cement and asphalt, and they are commonly used in heavy duty construction projects such as highways. They can also be used in DIY projects and domestic applications such as pathways and driveways.

Aggregates are a coarse, fine grained material that is used in construction! They are usually made up of sand, gravel, crushed quarried stone and other recycled materials such as recycled MOT Type 1 You can find many different types of aggregates with different characteristics, making them great for different purposes. Aggregates come in different gradings, with different textures and varying moisture content, making them appropriate for various settings.m and applications. 

How Are They Made?

The aggregate creation process is pretty fascinating, and involves a range of steps to create the aggregates that are used in construction projects! Read below to learn about the aggregate production process.

  • Aggregates are extracted from the earth by quarrying or mining. This extracts natural stone, sand and gravel from the ground, which then goes on to be crushed and sized.
  • Depending on the size of the natural materials that have been extracted, crushing and sizing breaks down these materials into smaller pieces until they fit the required sizes. After the crushing process, the crushed materials are separated into their different size ranges by screening method.
  • The aggregates are then washed, to remove any remaining clay, silt and dirt.
  • After this, the aggregates are then put through quality control, to ensure that they meet the industry requirements, before being distributed and sent out to various construction sites across Manchester.

Main Types Of Aggregates

There are many different types of aggregates that are used for different purposes, and made from different natural materials. Read below to learn more about the main types of aggregates that are found on construction sites.


Sand aggregates are the most basic form of aggregates, and their colour can usually vary depending which part of the UK. They are usually a brown, beige or grey colour, and are a type of fine aggregate. They can be used to fill in the gaps where large aggregates are also being used, also commonly mixed with cement.

Different types of sand aggregate fall into different categories, based on the size of their grains. Sand aggregates with larger grains, such as sharp sand, tends to be used for mixing concrete or laying slabs, because of its larger grain size.

Ballast Sand

Ballast sand is a mix of sand and gravel. This type of aggregate is most commonly used to build foundations for homes, railway tracks and roads. This aggregate provides a heavy, stable base which stops these structures from moving, but they are light enough to still allow effective draining.


Gravel is a larger type of aggregate than sand, and is often used for driveways, pathways or is mixed with concrete on top of these flat foundations. They are also great for garden beds, due to their round design, these gravel aggregates are perfect for drainage. These aggregates may also be used for landscaping projects and other domestic applications.

Crushed Rock

Crushed rock aggregates are mechanically broken down pieces of rock. They are broken down into stones, and then into smaller, more angular pieces. Crushed rock is extremely durable, and has a great strength in comparison to aggregates like gravel. The angular shape allows crushed rocks to interlock and be more stable in construction or landscaping.

Rocks, Pebble & Shingle

Rocks, pebbles and shingle aggregates are useful aggregates that come in a range of size, shapes and colours. They are often used for landscaping projects and garden beds, as they can be very effective for decorating, and have great aesthetic value.

Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates are also common for construction, and seek to reduce the amount of natural materials that are quarried from the earth. Recycled aggregates are usually made up from construction, demolition waste and other construction materials. These materials are then broken down and crushed into the correct sizes for industry use. Recycled aggregates massively reduce wasted resources and time, making them a cost-effective and viable sustainable solution.


What Is Aggregate Delivery?

Aggregate delivery is the transportation of these construction materials, typically to construction sites. Typically, aggregates are delivered from the processing site or a recycling centre, so that they reach construction sites in a timely manner, and projects can be completed smoothly. Here at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd & Mayo Grab Hire, we have a modern fleet of both tippers and grab hire trucks to deliver your aggregates across Manchester and surrounding areas.

How Does This Help Businesses?

Aggregate delivery can help businesses in a range of different ways:

  • Efficient – Delivery straight to construction sites helps projects to run smoothly, and doesn’t hinder the process. Rather than going to collect these materials, having them delivered can help construction companies focus on the job at hand!
  • Cost effective – Bulk buying these materials is also great for construction companies, as they can save money on large orders, as well as reduce travelling costs because the aggregates are being delivered, we can also remove site waste on the same trip via our efficient grab hire service.
  • Quality – Reliable aggregate delivery services will collect and transport high quality aggregates, so you can rely on these materials to meet industry standards and work effectively for your project.
  • Safety – Professional aggregate delivery services will have a deep knowledge of safety and compliance regulations that need to be adhered to. Using a delivery service means you don’t need to worry about safety precautions and regulations, as your supplier will take care of this!

Finding A Reliable Aggregate Supplier For Your Business

When it comes to finding a reliable aggregate supplier for your business, you want to make the right decision. There are a few key things to look out for when looking for an aggregate supplier that can help you choose the best company. Read our top tips below!


Like with any product you’re buying, it’s important to look into pricing and discuss this with your supplier. If you’re adhering to a specific budget, make sure your aggregate delivery is within your price range! It’s a good idea to ask around a few companies and get a few quotes, so you can compare prices and find the deal that works best for you!


Expertise is another key thing to look out for with your aggregates supplier. Experienced companies will have the know-how regarding your deliveries, different aggregate types and they will have the resources to meet your requirements. Definitely do your research, and speak to a few companies to gauge their industry knowledge. Here at Mayo Stone, we have a team on hand to handle any questions you may have.

The last thing you need for your project is late deliveries, the wrong type of materials or any other issues. Be sure to clarify with your aggregate supplier about your needs and requirements so that they can provide you with the service you’re after.

Additional Services

Additional services are another key thing to look out for when choosing an aggregate supplier. You may be looking for some other services that can help you out, such as recycling services or collection services. When looking for the best company to help you with your aggregate delivery, ask them about their additional services, so that you can find the company that works the best for your needs.


Reviews and research are some of the best ways to find an aggregate company you can rely on. Researching companies and contacting their teams will help you narrow down your search until you find the perfect organisation. Word of mouth and recommendations are also effective ways to find a trustworthy company. Check Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd out on Google for our reviews, we’ve been supplying Manchester with quarried and recycled aggregates and grab hire for over 30 years.

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