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Certified BS 3882 Topsoil

British Standard 3882 Certified Manufactured Topsoil

Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd are proud to supply and deliver Multi purpose Topsoil that is ideal for garden beds, borders, planters, vegetable allotments, containers, general planting, seeing and turfing. Commonly used on housing sites and landscaping projects where strict guidelines are set out conforming to British Standard BS 3882, available for delivery across Manchester and the North West.

British Standard BS3882 Topsoil gives you the Guarantee that you are using a quality soil that has passed all testing requirements to prove good organic content, fertility, free from contamination, soil structure and classification and carefully blended with sand, PAS 100 Compost and Soil.

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Product Description

topsoilWhat is Certified BS 3882 Topsoil?

As the name suggests, is the top layer of soil, which is usually fertile and high in organic matter and nutrients. It can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic projects such as landscaping or for laying lawns.

Topsoil has standards that have been set out by the British Standard Institutes (BSI). The newly revised standard, BS3882:2015, sets the British Standard that must be met; this is also where Topsoil BS 3882 gets its name. This standard covers natural and manufactured topsoil that is moved or traded, not material that remains in situ.


What does the British Standard BS3882 set?

BS3882:2015 sets out the requirements for classification and composition. it specifies the characteristics such as texture, acidity, and contaminants. It includes information on sampling & analysis and gives guidance on handling and site preparation so that the soil is not degraded during excavation, delivery, or placement.

Certified material must have passed specific have specific parameters:

  • Fertility
  • Soil structure & classification
  • Contaminants

Suppliers are required to declare the results of the analysis which includes:

  • Where the material came from
  • Previous & current land use
  • Sampling date
  • Analysis which includes contamination parameters
  • Confirmation that the soil complies with the standard BS3882:2015
  • Grading (Multipurpose or specific purpose)

Who would use Topsoil BS3882?

It is used by anyone that is involved in landscaping, including:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Local authorities
  • Gardeners & DIY enthusiasts.
  • Landscapers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Utilities

Our Certified BS 3882 Topsoil is available in Manchester for delivery both loose and bagged.

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