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What is Grab Hire?

What is grab hire?

Mayo Stone Grab hire in Manchester  is a service that is perfectly suited for moving or disposal of large amounts of construction materials and waste that are very heavy and tedious to clear away with. It is a convenient and cheaper alternative to other material or waste removal approaches such as skips.

Mayo Stone Grab hire is made possible with the use of a grab lorry. The lorry has a built-in hydraulic system which powers the grab arm and collects materials or waste in its bucket also known as a clamshell bucket. Our reliable service clears away large quantities of materials or wastes from areas that are otherwise very hard to reach: the hydraulic arm of a grab lorry, with its included attachments, can reach 5 to 8 metres.

Grab lorries were specially designed to fit into inaccessible areas and carry a substantial amount of load. They can also be hired to deliver locally sourced construction materials to the construction site such as aggregates, sand and topsoil or grab large amounts of waste such as muck, rubble, hardcore and green waste that build up during a construction project. The materials and waste can be very difficult to move and grab lorries were made to provide a fantastic solution to this problem.

You might be wondering what muck away means. It is simply the process of clearing the construction site of anything that could potentially get in the way. It is essential to any construction project because it keeps the area clear and safe.

If, for instance, you need aggregate on your construction site, a grab hire can deliver it to you conveniently and timely. Whether you need to deposit the aggregate directly on the construction site or over the fence and walls, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Fully- licensed waste carriers by the Environment Agency and our experienced competent and friendly operatives are always there to help you with anything that you need.

Our modern fleet of 8×4 (8 wheeler due to their 4 axles) grab lorries at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd have plenty of space also known as payload to collect materials because they are mostly about 3.2 meters wide and a typical payload is approximately 8.m3 or 16 tonne.  So no matter what quantity of aggregates or waste you intend to have removed, deliver, or clear away , you can be sure that grab hire can do the job professionally and compliantly! We love our planet and will Recycle as much as we possibly can responsibility to help achieve a circular economy.

  • Muck
  • Concrete, rubble, hardcore, brick and tarmac.
  • Inert muck such as soil, chalk, clay, etc.
  • Green waste – garden waste such as flower cuttings, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, and branches, tree roots etc.
  • Aggregates such as MOT Type 1 Grit Sand, Tarmac Road Planings, Crushed Concrete / 6F5, Network Rail Approved Certified BS EN 13450 Track Ballast, Building Sand, Certified BS3882 Topsoil  Sharp Sand, Gravel 10mm Pipe Bedding, Gravel 20mm Pipe Bedding , Gravel 40mm, decorative gravels such as 20mm Golden Gravel, 40mm Blue Slate, 40mm Plum Slate and 20mm Black Ice also known as Panda Gravel.
  • Mixed waste – wood, plastics and general waste.


Our trusted and compliant Grab Hire service in Greater Manchester is available 24/7* upon request to suit needs of projects out of hours such as highway works or airport projects.


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