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What can Aggregates be used for?

Aggregates are a type of construction material that is widely used in a variety of applications. We are Mayo Stone, a highly reputed aggregate supplier in Manchester, delivering recycled and virgin quarried aggregates to customers across the North West from DIY projects and landscapers to major civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Particularly popular in the construction industry, here are five common uses for aggregates both recycled and quarried.


Aggregates are a key ingredient in concrete, which is the most widely used construction material in the world. Concrete is made by mixing cement, water, and aggregates to create a sturdy and durable material that is used in everything from bridges and buildings to roads and pavements.


Aggregates are also a crucial component of asphalt more commonly known as Tarmac, which is used to pave roads, highways, and other surfaces. Asphalt is made by mixing together aggregates, bitumen, and other ingredients to create a durable and long-lasting paving material. Recycled Aggregates such as road planings are becoming more popular in the production for asphalt, this is a major step forward to achieving a circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint as an industry.

Or aggregate suppliers can partner with road management businesses to ensure that roads are safe for vehicles to use. Effective road surfacing is down to the right product, knowledge  and skills, something that our asphalt suppliers can play their part in achieving.

Road base

In addition to being used in asphalt and concrete, aggregates both quarried and recycled are also often used as a base layer for roads such as Limestone MOT Type 1 and other surfaces.  The aggregates provides a stable and supportive foundation for the surface material, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.


Both Recycled and Quarried Aggregates are often used in drainage systems to help filter and direct water away from buildings and other structures. The aggregates such as our 10mm eco recycled drainage gravel provides a porous surface that allows water to pass through while also providing structural support. Reducing the chance of flooding, a well-functioning drainage system can be created from recycled and virgin quarried aggregates.


Both Recycled and Quarried Aggregates are also commonly used in landscaping applications. They can be used as a decorative element, such as our 40mm Blue Slate  in gardens, or as a functional element, such as in pathways or driveways. Upgrade your home to feature a fantastic new driveway or other garden aspects with a delivery of aggregates. Whether you are tackling the home project on your own, or you are a professional landscaper or construction contractor and looking for reliable aggregate suppliers, Mayo Stone can help.

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Recycled and Quarried Aggregates are an extremely versatile and widely used construction material, supporting projects of all sizes. If you are looking for aggregate suppliers near me, Mayo Stone are the right business for you. A reputable aggregate business delivering to clients all over the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire to support the construction industry. Get in touch with our experienced team to find out more about our construction aggregate and how it can work for you on 0161 707 7773.