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4/10mm Washed Eco Recycled Pipe Bedding

4/10mm Washed Eco Recycled Pipe Bedding

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Product Description

4/10mm Washed Pipe Bedding gravel is a versatile eco friendly aggregate, making it one of our most popular products.



4/10mm Washed Pipe Bedding gravel is a sustainable aggregate that can be used for hard standing, drainage, pipe bedding and concrete production.

We are proud our 4/10mm Washed Pipe Bedding also meets the Series 500 Specification for Highway Works. This standard is pertinent for materials that are intended to be used for drainage or service ducts.

Our recycled washed aggregates are available for delivery across Greater Manchester. From 1T to 26T payloads, we have a range of well maintained vehicles to get your materials to site efficiently and on time!

We have a wide range of quarried and recycled aggregates, call our friendly sales team today for more information on trusted products with service to match on 0161 707 7773.



  1. Step One:
    Construction, demolition and utility waste is fed into the recycling plant.
  2. Step Two:
    Oversized materials (anything larger than 80mm) are removed.
  3. Step Three:
    Any metals are removed using a large magnet for further recycling.
  4. Step Four:
    At this point, the aggregates and sands are separated. The sand is diverted to the sand plant to be processed and the aggregate continues through to the aggregates processor.
  5. Step Five:
    As it goes through the aggregates processor, it is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned by the state of the art log washer.
  6. Step Six:
    The last step is to group the aggregates by size. This is done by screening the aggregates through a variety of sieves/meshes to create a 4/10mm , 10/20mm, 20/40mm washed pipe bedding and 40/80mm washed gravel. The eco recycled aggregates are then delivered via conveyor belt to their designated stockpiles ready for despatch.

Call us for loose options or large quantities.