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The difference between Topsoil and Compost?

Most gardening advice includes helpful hints for making and using garden compost, although not everyone knows the distinctions between this and high-quality topsoil.

The team at Mayo Stone Supplies  have put together this quick guide to outline some of the critical differences, but if you have any further questions or wish to learn more about the products we supply, please contact our friendly sand and gravel team.

What exactly is Topsoil?

The most nutrient-rich layer of naturally occurring soil is topsoil, which is the top layer of soil. Topsoil contains some organic matter, but more nutrients may be required to help your plants reach their maximum potential — though this does depend on the blend, as the organic matter varies from one mix to another. Mayo Stone Topsoil helps improve the structure and texture of the soil, enabling it to retain nutrients, moisture, air and drain excess water effectively. This results in better plant health and growth overall, whilst it also helps plants build solid roots, ensuring improved drainage and less soil erosion.

Key benefits of topsoil

  • Improved drought resistance.
  • Plenty of nutrients are included as standard (depending on the product) while topsoil maintains nutrients added at a later stage.
  • The added nutrition enables plants to form stronger, solid roots.
  • With added microbes, topsoil can break down organic matter and boost plant growth.
  • Great for planting, turfing, raised beds and more…

What exactly is compost?

Compost is made up of a variety of natural materials that decompose into organic matter. It’s excellent for improving soil structure, reducing compaction, and improving water retention while also improving drainage since it contains nutrients that serve as natural fertilisers. This process can help bring standard soil products up to par, allowing your plants to flourish. When you’re able to inject crucial nutrients and organic matter into your garden, you can shape an environment where plants get off to the best possible start.

Key benefits of compost

  • The nutrient content of compost is high, yet it is released gradually to accelerate plant growth.
  • Improves soil nutrient and water retention ability.
  • In compacted soils, compost increases drainage.
  • It has a pH of approximately 7 and can regulate disease because of its microbial activity.

Where can I get good quality topsoil?

We can’t emphasise how important it is to buy Certified BS3882:2015 compliant topsoil. It’s the most popular type available in the UK, and you’ll at least know you’re getting your hands on a quality product. At Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd, we exceed industry standards, delivering only the very best. It’s quality-assured by regular independent analysis, therefore entirely free of contaminated waste, glass, or building material residue — and devoid of aggressive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed. We also have a wide range of aggregates, sand and decorative gravels to compliment your soil areas. With various topsoil blends to choose from, we deliver quality products day in, day out across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside.

To learn more about our topsoil or to speak to us about your gardening or landscaping project, please get in touch with our friendly team today on 0161 707 7773.