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The Benefits of Aggregate Delivery For Your Landscaping Project

When it comes to a landscaping project you may need a complete variety of aggregate to enable you to create your desired vision. From quarried or recycled MOT Type 1 Sub base, drainage pipe bedding, decorative slate chippings to quality topsoil. This means you may need truckloads of deliveries to help you meet your project deadline. Whether it’s a large landscaping, construction project or a home-based landscaping project, at Mayo Stone Supplies we take great pride in supporting our customers with local aggregate delivery.  We know that come rain or shine, a project needs to keep moving. In this feature, we’ve revealed how partnering with an aggregate supplier can enable you to have seamless project management from start to finish.


A Local Supplier 

At Mayo Stone Supplies and Mayo Grab Hire, we are based in Salford, Manchester and the surrounding areas, which means we cover Greater Manchester, Cheshire and the North West.  Having a local supplier not only means that we can deliver more quickly to your site, but it also means you are supporting a local business.   As we’re local, we know our surrounding areas very well, which means your delivery can get to you quickly and efficiently when you need it. When you’re up against the clock on a project there’s nothing worse than waiting around for hours for a delivery, which is why working with a local aggregate supplier can provide a clear benefit compared to larger national or international brands. We pride ourselves on the service we have been giving for over 40 years in the industry.


Large Loads 

For commercial landscaping or construction projects, we can provide 30 tonnes of aggregate in our lorries, which is an enormous amount to enable you to keep up the pace.  Our tipper lorries are particularly good at providing a bulk amount of aggregate in one place, which means you don’t have to coordinate labourers to move the aggregate off the lorry, as our tipper truck can just place the aggregate where you need it. These large lorry loads of aggregate are another way to save you precious time on the project at hand.  We also have a modern fleet of Mayo Grab Hire vehicles for aggregate delivery, these vehicles can delivery aggregates by either tipping or hiab offloading with a clamshell bucket whilst collecting site waste such as muck away or rubble on the same trip.


No Job Too Small 

If you have a smaller landscaping project you’ll be pleased to know we also have smaller tipper vehicles in our fleet for tight access areas that can deliver aggregate straight to you in Manchester. These lorry sizes are ideal for smaller home-based landscaping projects as they can manoeuvre in small spaces such as through driveways and paths etc.  As these lorries can hold a capacity of up to 16 tonnes, you’ll still have plenty of aggregates to help you stay on track with your project.  There is no job too big or too small for our team of lorries.


A Mixed Bag 

We supply a wide variety of aggregates at Mayo Grab Hire, which means we can support any type of landscaping project.  We are licensed by The Environment Agency and are committed to a more sustainable future. We believe in recycling and can supply and deliver quality recycled materials such as washed 10mm recycled pipe bedding  .  You can order a variety of mixed bags of aggregate, or order a truckload of one to be delivered to your site. No matter your need, we can work with you to get everything you need in one place.  Whether you’re transforming a garden, a driveway or public site, our team at Mayo Stone Supplies can help you find the aggregate you need.