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Grab Hire vs Skip – Which Is Better?


Whether you’re launching a construction project or clearing out a garden, you need to manage the waste you produce in the most efficient and compliant way possible. This will save you time and keep everything running to schedule.

When considering your options for waste management, the usual choice is between grab hire or skip hire. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so let’s explore which might be best for you and your project in and around Manchester.


Grab hire refers to a truck complete with a hydraulic clamshell grab attached to it. The truck visits your site, retrieving waste by using the arm, loading it into the back of the vehicle, and then immediately removing it from your site. It is then taken to a licensed waste management facility to be recycled.


  • Speed: If you want waste dealt with speedily and within a short timeframe, then a grab hire truck is the way to go. We will arrive, collect the waste, and depart all within an hour or two, making it a highly efficient option.
  • Large capacity: Grab trucks have a large waste capacity, making them suitable for bigger projects, their capacity being greater than that of multiple smaller skips. This can also make them more cost-effective depending on the size and scale of the project.
  • Trained operator: Each vehicle is driven and operated by a competent and experienced driver so you don’t need to hire anyone as an extra.
  • Aggregates Delivery: We also supply and delivery a wide range of aggregates, such as Limestone MOT Type 1, drainage pipe bedding and pea gravel aswell as grit sand, building sand, topsoil and decorative gravels such as 40mm Blue Slate.

Accessibility: The hydraulic arm on a grab truck can reach over fences and hedges for better accessibility.


Skips are stationary containers that come in a variety of different sizes depending on the volume of waste you are predicted to produce. They are brought to your site, left for an agreed amount of time for waste loading, and then removed by the skip hire company at an arranged date.


  • Variety of sizes available: A range of different sizes are available to accommodate different volumes of waste.
  • Convenience and tidiness: Skips provide a convenient disposal area to keep waste all in one place until the project is complete, making sure your site is kept tidy and safe during long-term projects.


  • Permits may be needed: Permits are required if you want to place your skip on public land or public roads, adding a layer of inconvenience to the process.
  • Less cost-efficient: Underestimating how much waste you will produce can potentially result in you needing to hire out a second skip, adding on more expense.
  • Takes up space: Even though skips are a convenient on-site waste disposal container, they will take up space so make sure that you have the room to spare.
  • More labour-intensive: Filling a skip yourself is more labour-intensive as it is your responsibility to load the container.


If your project is working to a shorter timeframe or if you require a quick collection of a large volume of waste in one go, then the efficiency and speed of a grab hire truck is perfect for you —Mayo Grab Hire will arrive, collect, and are out of your hair all on the same day. They are also better for those hard-to-access areas. 

Bring accessibility to your project with reliable grab hire from Mayo Grab Hire, Manchester. For clearance of large-scale projects or when you’re just trying to reach those tricky spots, grab hire makes it easy to complete your tasks. Get in touch today on 0161 707 7773 and arrange your grab hire lorry in the Greater Manchester and North West region.