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Grab Hire in Manchester vs Skip Hire

Grab lorry hire is one of the many ways businesses and construction sites can effectively manage their waste.

But what are grab lorries, and how do they differ from skips?


Discover more about grab hire, including why they are helpful and when to use them, and let Mayo Stone Grab Hire help you choose the best waste disposal method for your project.

What is grab hire?

The primary function of a grab lorry is the same as a skip — to remove and dispose of waste safely, compliantly and cost effectively.

However, the main difference between a grab truck and a skip is the amount of waste  they hold and cost.

Grab lorry hire removes larger waste quantities, usually from commercial, construction, utility or landscape sites where more waste is accumulated. A grab truck also uses a hydraulic arm and clamshell bucket to collect waste from hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas.

An average grab lorry is around 3 metres wide, 3.8 metres high, and 7.8 metres long. The trucks can carry approximately 16 tonne of waste and, depending on the waste material, a volumetric of 12 to 15 cubic metres.

You can use grab hire to dispose of general, garden and hardcore waste, including concrete and soils, even green waste and tree roots. The arm function picks up heavier waste items that may otherwise be difficult to remove manually.

Why is grab hire beneficial in Manchester?

Grab lorry hire can be a valuable alternative to skip hire if you have a large amount of waste to eliminate or if accessibility is an issue.

Mayo Grab Hire removes waste from both domestic and commercial sites safely, compliantly and efficiently. The lorries have a more significant waste capacity than most standard skips, and their design enables them to fit in areas where a skip may not.

When hiring a grab lorry, you’ll also eliminate the need for permit from the local council, as the trucks can quickly remove all the waste from the roadside with minimal disruption. Because of this, grab truck hire is a good option for those with limited private outdoor space to store a skip. We can also deliver a range of quarried and recycled aggregates, sand, topsoil and decorative gravels on the same trip when removing your waste.

Skip hire vs grab hire

Skip and grab hire are excellent options for safely and effectively removing waste from a home, business or building site.

Grab hire by Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd could be more effective for large-scale waste management or areas with limited space. Grab lorries arrive, collect and remove the waste in one day. If your waste is neatly set out ready for collection, it could be taken away  it could be taken away within 15-20 minutes. While this minimises disruption and provides quick service, there may be better options for ongoing projects.

You also need to ensure any waste is left in an open space with plenty of clearance around either side. This means placing it away from foliage, low-hanging trees, and overhead cables.

Grab truck hire is typically best suited for commercial clients and construction companies with more significant waste disposal needs, we offer various compliant and licensed disposal solutions for wastes from as hazardous soils and Japanese knotweed to concrete, brick rubble and tree roots.

Mayo Stone Supplies have been service Greater Manchester and surrounding areas with Grab Hire and Aggregates and Topsoils for over 40 years. Call our team today on 0161 707 7773 for quotes and to order.