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Grab Hire: Great for domestic projects in Manchester

When undertaking a big home or garden project, it’s a safe bet that lots of waste will be generated! Whilst the first thought many of you may have is skip hire, we’re here to tell you that grab hire is a great option too by Mayo Grab Hire.

Nothing against skip hire of course – it’s a good option, but we feel that grab hire is often overlooked, particularly in the domestic market, so we’d like to shine a spotlight on it so you can make an informed decision once you have the full facts from Mayo Grab Hire, Manchester.

Whether you’re undertaking the work yourself or you’ve employed a contractor to do it for you, waste disposal will be something that will need to be factored in.

Consider what types of waste you’ll have, the quantities you’re likely to generate, at what point in the project the waste will need removing and whether you’re able to store it on your property to await collection.

Grab hire works particularly well for people who have a large garden with access or a driveway as this will allow the grab lorry to access the property and remove the waste with ease, efficiently. Remember too that grab lorries can reach over low walls and fences to retrieve waste so don’t let something like that deter you as it’s all possible with Mayo.


  • Rubble / hardcore – namely concrete, bricks, tiles, kerbs, paving slabs, and ceramic
  • Asphalt – that old tarmac if you’re ripping up your driveway, roadway or old path
  • Soil – if you’re digging out or reshaping your garden
  • Green waste – hedge cuttings, branches, old turf if you’re replacing it
  • Tree Roots – for those roots no longer wanted.


  • It’s a cost effective way to dispose of soil and rubble, the removal of which would be much more costly if other removal methods were chosen.
  • With Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd, grab hire is quick and easy to arrange, so you could have your waste removed as quickly as the same or next working day if that’s what you need.
  • It’s a great way to get rid of large volumes of waste immediately, in one go, making a grab more efficient than multiple skips.
  • If your property doesn’t have the space for a skip, a grab lorry may be more suitable as it doesn’t need much space to operate and no need for a council permit when you opt for Grab Hire.
  • Grabs are able to remove heavy waste such as large amounts of rubble and soil easily, whereas vast amounts of this type of waste is not suitable for skips.
  • Unlike with a skip, you don’t have to estimate your waste levels as closely as grabs can take greater quantities and can do additional runs if needed.
  • Waste collected by our grabs such as rubble is often repurposed for recycled aggregate production. This is great for the environment as it is being reused rather than going to landfill. We also deliver quality quarried and recycled aggregates and can even deliver on the same trip as taking away your waste!


  • To protect your driveway or paving, consider placing wooden boards down and piling the waste on top of those. You can also place your waste on gravel, soil or grass, allowing us to remove it with ease and without causing any damage.
  • Think about where the best place will be to pile up your waste – where will be the best position for the lorry to access it and also so that it won’t be in your way if you’re adding to the pile over a number of days or weeks.
  • Our helpful office team can discuss these things with you over the phone if you’re unsure and would like some guidance for your waste and aggregates, sand and topsoil requirements  – give us a call on 0161 707 7773.
  • Our skilled and experienced drivers will have the job done in less than 30 minutes, making the waste removal process a hassle-free experience for you!


  • We’re a responsible company, licensed by the Environent Agency both in terms of our dedication to the environment and our commitment to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill. We handle and dispose of all waste responsibly and compliantly  ensuring that the waste we remove is sorted, segregated and sent down the most appropriate routes and recycled where possible.
  • Our entire fleet is modern, safe and well maintained. Road safety and keeping our fleet in the best possible condition are amongst our top priorities. All of our vehicles are part of a continual renewal and maintenance scheme so that they are always well looked after and safe on the roads and customers sites. Our drivers conduct daily safety checks at the start of their shifts, with any faults being reported and rectified immediately. All of our vehicles are fitted with safety equipment including 4 way, 360 camera systems, LED Cyclist awareness rear lights, high-visibility signage and beacons, and audible left turn signals.
  • We’re reliable – we always ensure that we deliver the agreed product/service to the desired location on the requested date so that you can get on with the job at hand when teaming up with Mayo Grab Hire for your project in and around Manchester. We’ll keep in touch every step of the way so that you’re well informed and know what to expect. Our friendly team is always on hand if you have any queries or need to make any changes to your booking, so please get in touch if and when you need to.
  • With a large dedicated fleet of vehicles, our availability is great and you can rest assured that we will be able to fulfil your order whatever your requirements and timescales are. You can book our services for as soon as same day* or the next working day (subject to availability) meaning your project can continue on as planned as we proudly operate 24/7.