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A quick guide to Mayo Grab hire in Manchester

If you’re undertaking a project that requires the removal of waste materials, then you may considering how to and who? However, if you’re looking for a waste removal solution for waste such as muck, inert soils, hardcore, rubble and green waste then Grab Hire is certainly the way to go.

Read on to learn all you need to know in this quick guide to grab hire.


Grab hire, like skips, is a service that is used for the removal or large volumes of waste. It’s most commonly used during commercial construction or landscaping projects, although it may also be used to remove domestic waste depending on the circumstances.

It also possesses some key advantages. The first is that it is a mobile waste removal service. Grab lorries will feature four to eight wheels depending on their size. This is especially useful for navigating the entirety of a project site.

Their other key selling point? They feature a large hydraulic arm. This is able to pick up (or grab, if you prefer) waste for you and deposit it into the waste container, rather than you having to shovel it in yourself. It’s also able to pick up large, bulky and/or awkwardly shaped items that are otherwise difficult to get into a skip such as large lumps or concrete and tarmac or tree roots.

These two benefits make grab hire an incredibly efficient waste removal service, requiring less time and less manpower than other methods.


Although predominantly used at construction sites, grab hire services can be utilised by many different individuals. For example:

–      Gardeners: If professional gardeners have been tasked with redesigning and landscaping a client’s garden, then lots of dirt and general garden waste will likely need to be removed in the process or existing materials will need to be replaced with new ones – especially if undertaking significant differences, such as building a pond or completely resurfacing the garden.

–      Self-Employed Labourer: It isn’t uncommon for many labour workers to be self-employed, whether that be builders, landscapers, roofers or scrap metal recovery services. Each of these labour-intensive jobs often involve high volumes of waste production, especially when working for commercial clients.

–      Home Renovators: Whether you renovate homes for a profession or are simply renovating your own home, generating waste during such a project is unavoidable. From removing tiles and stripping wallpaper to replacing furniture and even knocking down walls, having a grab lorry on hand to remove all this would be beyond convenient.

Mayo Grab Hire is a division of Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd. We are major suppliers of aggregates, gravels and quality soil to the construction, civil engineering, utility and landscaping sectors. We utilise our grabs efficiently and will deliver aggregates by grab if requested or is sustainable by reducing road movements if the truck was to be travelling that way anyway.


Mayo Grab hire can be used to collect both recyclable and general waste, we can even recover hazardous waste compliantly* This includes:

●     Asbestos

●     Japanese Knotweed Soils

●     Hazardous Soils

●     Tyres



If you’re looking for grab hire services in Manchester, then look to us here at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd. 

We offer our grab hire on a fully operated service, allowing you to choose an option that best suits your needs – whether that be a domestic job or large commercial project.


Get in touch with us today to express your interest in our service on 0161 707 7773.