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Grano Dust

What is Grano Dust?

Grano Dust – or Granite Dust as it’s sometimes known – is a granitic product that has a fine, gritty consistency, with particle sizes that range from 0mm to 6mm, 0-6mm. An extremely versatile product with a wide range of uses, grano dust is often used to in the production of fine mortars, ideal for flooring screeds and is typically grey or dark green in colour. It can also be used to provide a stable sub-base for block paving, mixing with cement to produce concrete, under stone flags and becoming more popular than ever for under artificial grass. Due to the consistency of 0-6mm grano dust it’s possible to use it to produce a level finish for hardstandings, and it can also be effective when used to form sloped surfaces, perfect for benching manholes or haunching. There is a reason the Romans used Granite!

Granite is a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock composed mostly of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase. It forms from magma with a high content of silica and alkali metal oxides that slowly cools and solidifies underground. It is common in the continental crust of Earth, where it is found in igneous intrusions. The word “granite” comes from the Latin granum, a grain.


Key features of Grano Dust

  • Mix with sand and cement to produce fine mortars that make for idea flooring screeds.
  • Use grano dust as a sub-base for block paving, a base under concrete/stone flags and mixing with cement to produce concrete.
  • Frequently used as a stable sub-base for artificial grass, sometimes laid above MOT type 1 or a similar-sized aggregate.
  • Can build slopes so ideal to create haunching or manhole benching.


Our sustainably sourced grano dust at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd is available in bulk bags or loose tipped loads across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Please call our friendly team for more info or to order on 0161 707 7773.