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What are Road Planings in Manchester?

Road or tarmac planings are a recycled product that is typically created from stripping worn road surfaces before relaying fresh tarmac.

Is it sometimes known as road scalpings or road scrapings, it is a fantastic durable and versatile product for enabling works, temporary access, highways, roads, haul roads, farm roads, driveways, and footpath applications.



This graded aggregate, usually 0/65mm is ideal to keep vehicles and construction traffic on a clean surface and out of the muck.

The bitumen content still serves a purpose, even when laid cold which binds the material together to form the required surface and achieve a harder and more durable wearing course.

If you are building a haul road afresh, using a starter layer of recycled 6F5 underneath is recommended. Road planings surfaces are very durable, even in challenging weather conditions.

Sustainable and affordable roadways

Getting a second usage from past roadways is a sustainable method for serving your aggregate requirements and it is more cost-effective than using hot asphalt or quarried stone, we call this a circular economy.

Bitumen is a naturally derived material that is wholly reusable. Utilising road planings is very resourceful that reduces the pressure on other aggregate stockpiles and our earth’s natural resources.

The Environment Agency recommends the use of road planings as it helps to minimise waste generated from the construction of new roads.

Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd is committed to promoting sustainability in all our services, whilst offering the best waste recycling solutions to customers right across Greater Manchester and the North West.

We can supply sustainably sourced Road Planings, available either bagged or loose on our vehicles carrying between 1-26 tonnes. We have seen a huge increase in demand for Road Planings in recent years across Manchester.

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