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What are decorative aggregates and gravels?

Decorative Aggregates are generally small pieces of stone, often gravel, chippings or pebbles, that are especially designed for the purpose of being utilised in landscaping projects both domestic and commercially. They are the perfect way of making your garden, driveway, or other outdoor space look professional and unique.

With lots of different materials, shades, shapes, sizes, and colours available, decorative aggregates allow you to show off your garden or other outdoor space with your own unique style and vision. One of the special things about decorative aggregates is that they can be used to good effect without needing to hire a professional to landscape for you.

Once you’ve laid your decorative aggregates down, they require very little effort to maintain. This means they are incredibly popular landscaping materials, as this mean you don’t have to spend a lot of time in your garden maintaining it’s appearance. It also cuts down on the aspects of gardening that very few enjoy, such as weeding and mowing the lawn!

Types of Decorative Aggregates

  • Stone Chippings These are generally the smallest type of decorative aggregate available, although it is possible to get larger sized chippings. Often referred to as gravel, these versatile stones are a budget friendly way of offering a unique touch to your project. They can range anywhere from 8mm to 20mm in size, and come in both rounded and more angular forms which allows for a variety of uses, in gardens, driveways, paths and as decorative flower beds. We stock a variety of stone chippings, such as Silver Granite, Spanish White Marble Gravel and Golden Gravel.
  • Slate Chippings – Often used as an alternative to regular stone chippings for a more natural finish. Slate chippings are small, angular pieces of slate, perfect for those who are looking for a more subtle addition to their garden or driveway. Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd a great range of Welsh slate chippings, with Plum, Blue and Grey Slate  in a variety of sizes.
  • Pebbles / Cobbles – These are very similar in shape to cobbles but are generally much smaller. Due to their rounded shape, they can be safer to use than chippings and gravels, especially if young children pets pay are regularly visiting your garden spaces. While cobbles can be more ornamental in appearance, pebbles offer a similar function to chippings and gravels on the use on driveways and pathways through garden spaces. Products such as River Pebbles are commonly known as also as cobbles.

What are the uses of Decorative Aggregates?

Decorative aggregates are often so popular due to their flexibility of use throughout outdoor spaces. Some of the most regular uses are outlined below.

Driveways – Small chippings and gravel can be a very cost-effective solution to covering your driveway in a way that is practical and visually attractive. To ensure a smooth and flat finish, and to avoid damage to your vehicles using the driveway, we recommend smaller chippings on a solid base. Larger or angular chippings could end up damaging vehicles when driven over.

Ponds – Ponds can be a fantastic addition to your garden, adding a unique feature as well attracting wildlife. You can make them even more special by spreading some decorative aggregates around the base. You can also use them to lay a natural looking walkway around the pond, or one leading up to it. The one thing to bear in mind with aggregates in the pond water is you need to ensure they are not harmful to the wildlife inside.

Paths – Decorative aggregates and graves  are the perfect product to create garden paths through your garden whether you use gravel, slate or bark. Paths are a great way to signpost and organise your garden, and ensure your visitors see what you want them to see. Using paths creatively is a great way to break up your garden and add some unique style to it.

Weed Control – Weeds can be a real pain to keep on top of, and one that most gardeners don’t enjoy! Using decorative aggregates over a weed control fabric can give you both a great looking garden and less weeding to deal with. If you want to have plants growing within your chippings as well, simply cut holes in the fabric where you want the plants to grow, allowing plenty of room for the plants to thrive.

Looking for bagged aggregates in Manchester?

Our range of construction aggregates, decorative gravels and topsoil are all available loose and bagged with delivery across Greater Manchester.

Of course, there are many more exciting and creative ways to use decorative aggregates around the home so be innovative with your design and don’t feel restricted by the above, remember it’s your outdoor space!

At Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd,  we have been proudly supplying for many years aggregates and decorative gravels to both domestic and commercials customers for many years in Manchester and surrounding areas.  Our reputation is built on both quality and service and our team is on hand should you have any questions or wish to order on 0161 707 7773.