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Understanding Mayo Stone’s Muck Away Service…

People away from the construction are unlikely to be familiar with the term muck away.

Basically, the service involves removing vast quantities of waste. The type of waste we are referring to is based in locations usually such as building or construction sites. The service is often required in the early phases of a project, usually referred to as a the groundworks phase. This is because ground excavation involves the removal of topsoil, vegetation or many other types of material. This process therefore takes place in order to prepare the foundation of the structure(s) or site.

This blog will therefore briefly explain the service and what it consists of.

What classes as muck away? 

Muck away waste builds up very easily on construction sites, as a great deal of groundwork is often carried out.

Non Hazardous Muck or Hazardous Muck.
“INERT” is not a waste classification for soils. Soils generated from construction activities are only ever Hazardous or Non-hazardous, that’s it. No secret third option to choose from. Based on their physical and chemical characteristics they are assigned a European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code of either 17 05 03* if they are hazardous or 17 05 04 for anything that isn’t.

What to expect from a muck away job?

Firstly, the waste producer needs to classify their waste to determine if it has any hazardous properties, usually physical and chemical testing, not WAC!

Air dried analysis will only tell you if the waste is hazardous or not. WAC testing cannot be used for waste classification, it will only determine if the waste is suitable for landfill acceptance. 
Once we have received suitable analysis, we will provide cost effective rates to remove the waste compliantly, sustainably and cost effectively on 8 wheel tippers or with our Grab Hire Service.
Where possible we  will recycle as much site waste as possible. We offer a fully  trusted service to our customers offering a full audit trial if required giving our customer piece of mind they have compliantly managed their waste with us.
Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd is committed to a greener future for all. We are aiming for, along with our customers for a circular economy and can deliver sustainable aggregates and topsoils on the same trip as taking muck away. This is not only cost effective but leaves a much greener footprint by our trucks.

What are the different types of Muck material?

Hazardous muck – EWC 17.05.03*

This can be classed as waste that has properties which make it potentially harmful to human and environmental health. This kind of muck way can be done for example when clearing a petrol station.

Non-hazardous muck – EWC 17.05.04

This may include a collection of various waste products that are regarded as not harmful to the environment or human life.

Here at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd, we provide a comprehensive muck away service. We have everything you need for the safe removal of your construction, utility, civil engineering and demolition waste and we will ensure that it’s disposed of in line with all regulations.

We understand that muck on site can be stressful, Mayo Stone is here to help across Manchester, Cheshire and the North West. Contact us today to discuss your muck away, grab hire and aggregate requirements.