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The benefits of recycled aggregates

In the world of construction, recycled aggregates play a big part in many projects, not just here in Manchester or the UK, but worldwide. There are many advantages of utilising recycled aggregates.


Recycled aggregates are produced by recovering and reprocessing materials previously used in construction or demolition. These materials would have in the past gone to landfill, something that is not environmentally friendly. The alternative to sending these materials to landfill is repurposing them for a new use. This can offer a new, sustainable use for materials that would traditionally go to waste. Mayo Stone share with many others a goal or a circular economy and by recycling as much waste as possible will achieve this goal whilst being cost effective on projects.



Recycled aggregates are first and foremost, environmentally friendly. They are a sustainable material as they are produced from materials that have previously been used for another purpose. In a world where environmental issues are at the forefront, utilising recycled aggregates can help reduce your carbon footprint and still build a stable and robust structure.

4/10mm Washed Eco Recycled Pipe Bedding

You might not think it, but they are also less expensive to produce. This means that you can pass on this attractive cost proposition to your customers. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also doing it for a fraction of the cost. When budgets are tight, recycled aggregates can offer a cost-effective replacement without any reduction in product quality, such as our sub base Recycled MOT Type 1, it confirms to the standards set out by the Ministry of Transport for highways.

Recycled aggregates can be utilised for a wide range of construction projects; from building roads and paths to the construction of buildings, houses and bridges. The applications are endless. You might think that a recycled aggregate may be an inferior product or won’t stand up to other aggregate products. However, they are as durable as other aggregate products on the market and just as effective as quarried aggregates.  Recycled aggregates are created to withstand the elements and are produced to meet strict standards and quality protocols.

Mayo Stone Supplies can supply aggregates to the construction across the North West.  To contact our aggregates and grab hire team to discuss your needs contact us or call us on 0161 707 7773.