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In an era where sustainable solutions are not just encouraged but imperative, our construction industry not just in Manchester but globally has been evolving rapidly. One of the pivotal shifts in infrastructure development is the increasing use of recycled sub-base aggregates in road construction, recycled MOT Type 1 and Washed Recycled Pipe Bedding (Pea Gravel) to name a few.  With benefits ranging from robust strength to prolonged durability, these materials are shaping the roads of our future.

Why Recycled Aggregates?

The question arises: Why the surge in popularity for these recycled materials? Traditional road construction materials, though tried and tested, often come with environmental drawbacks. Their extraction, processing, and transportation leave behind a significant carbon footprint. On the other hand, recycled aggregates, sourced from repurposed construction, demolition, utility and highway waste such as renewal or old roads, are an environmentally friendlier alternative. By reusing materials, we reduce waste and conserve natural resources helping achieve a circular economy.

Strength and Durability: Built to Last

A significant advantage of recycled aggregates is their inherent strength. Materials such as MOT Type 1 Recycled sub-base and Recycled 6F5 are known for their robust nature, making them ideal for withstanding the daily wear and tear of heavy traffic.

Mayo Stone Aggregates: Pioneering the Change

Although recycling for over 40 years, leading this transformative change in the industry is Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd, Manchester. Our Aggregates division have an impressive range of recycled aggregate products. For instance, our Road Planings/Scalpings is an exemplary material, a course aggregate offering a sturdy and reliable surface. Meanwhile, the Recycled 6F5 Capping serves as an excellent foundational layer, ensuring the roads built upon them remain unyielding for years to come.

At the heart of Mayo Stone’s mission is our commitment to the future of our planet. Recognising that roads are infrastructural backbones; we ensure that they’re not just built for the present but are designed to serve future generations to come. Our sustainable approach doesn’t compromise on quality; in fact, it enhances it.

As we stride into a future where sustainable practices are more in demand, recycled aggregates are literally paving the way, quite literally, in modern infrastructure. We are industry leaders at Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd and are proud to be championing this cause in Manchester, and we can look forward to roads that are not only resilient but also reflective of our commitment to the planet. The next time you drive on a smooth road, remember that it’s not just tarmac beneath your wheels – it’s a promise of a greener future.


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