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20mm Limestone Ballast

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Product Description

Our 20mm Limestone Ballast has similar properties to the likes of building materials such as Type 1. 20mm Ballast is a quarried and consistent product crushed and graded 0-20mm (20mm to Dust) These materials are hugely versatile due to their permeability and low cost.

With a typical Concrete mix containing aggregates and sand, Ballast makes for the perfect material to add to Concrete mixes. Due to its consistency, it tends to make a finer and smoother Concrete mixture, where strength is key.

Builders and Landscapers like using Ballast as its easy to work with and very consistent; This concrete mixture can be used for securing fence posts as well as placing bases garden sheds.

When it comes to construction, Ballast makes for a very sought-after material for when it comes to the foundation building. Ballast is a fairly permeable aggregate, which also helps with the prevention of floods in modern building constructions. We also supply this in a 20mm Ballast.

Our 20mm Ballast is available in loose tipped loads and bulk bags,

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£47.00 Per Bulk Bag

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