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20mm Clean Limestone

20mm Clean Limestone

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Product Description

20mm Limestone Chippings are used for multiple purposes given it’s an inexpensive and versatile angular aggregate. The most common use is in the building and landscaping industry for pipe bedding, free draining drainage gravel and concrete mixes. This versatile quarried product is ideal where strength is key when mixed with cement.

Also known as Dove Grey Limestone, our 20mm Limestone  can also be used as a decorative gravel, ideal for driveways, walkways, pathways and soakaways offering an excellent driving and walking surface. We also supply this in a 10mm Limestone.

Our 20mm Limestone is available in loose tipped loads and bulk bags,

At Mayo Stone, we offer a fast, efficient and reliable delivery service to keep your project moving with a range of different vehicles to suit most delivery requirements.

£47.00 Per Bulk Bag

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