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Do I need to put a membrane under decorative slate chippings?

Slate chippings are used in public, private and commercials garden spaces all across the country. These are versatile decorative aggregates that can be used to edge footpaths, create plant borders, driveways and more. Whether you have worked with slate chippings before or want to add blue slate or grey slate chippings to your back garden – it’s only normal to have some questions. Today, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these aggregates.

What are slate chippings?

Also known as slate aggregates, slate chippings are small, flat pieces of slate. Chippings are available in a variety of colours, adding a splash of colour and texture to any outdoor space. Large slate aggregate can also be used to fill gabions for walls and seating.

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Are slate chippings good for drainage?

Slate chippings can help with drainage when used as a top layer in planters or borders, allowing water to freely drain.

Are slate chippings suitable for driveways?

Slate chippings are not the most suitable for driveways as the slate will easily crumble under the constant pressure of the vehicle. We recommend creating gravel driveways as a better alternative such as 20mm Golden Gravel

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Can slate chippings be used for patios?

40mm Blue Slate chippings can be used for patios. However, these are most commonly used around plant borders, to fill patio gaps, create water features or to simply cover bare ground.

What to put under slate chippings?

We recommend ensuring the area underneath 40mm blue slate chippings is compacted and laid with geotextile membrane before laying slate chippings. Not only will a membrane layer reduce weed growth but will also stop chippings from working into the soil, making them last longer and be more stable.

Can you put slate chippings on concrete?

Slate chippings, or any other gravel for that matter, can be added onto the top of concrete, although Aggregates would be better to be layed on top of a more forgiving base – this includes a firm soil base or on top of membrane.


How much are slate chippings?

The price of slate chippings will depend on the type, colour, size and quality. At Mayo Stone Supplies Ltd, we supply a variety of high-quality slate chippings, including 40mm blue/plum slate chippings and 40mm grey slate. These are available in bulk bags or loose by the tonne.


What are blue slate chippings?

Blue slate chippings are popular slate chipping colour. These chippings have a plate and subtle blue shade when dry and feature a brighter and more fantastic and striking colour when wet. We stock 40mm Blue Slate Chippings.

How much slate chippings do I need?

The amount of chippings required will depend on the size of the area and the stone size. Our slate chippings bulk bags contain around 850kg of aggregates, which can cover approximately 10m2 of an area at 50mm deep. Contact our Mayo Sand & Gravel team today for more information, advice and to order garden slate chippings on 0161 707 7773.