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What to ask a Grab Hire Company?

Our team offers advice on what you should ask a grab hire company if you are considering their services.

Mayo Grab Hire Manchester works for both domestic and commercial projects across Manchester and the North West, we know that it can be tricky to know what you should initially ask about grab hire.

In this blog, we hope that you can gain an insight into what questions you should be asking and how our local grab hire services can work for you and your project.

What waste can you remove?

There are certain types of waste that cannot be handled by a grab hire company and you will need to seek specialist assistance to remove it, such as asbestos. This is to ensure that yourself and our team are kept well-protected and their safety is not compromised. That being said, there are various types of materials and waste that a grab lorry can take away for you but it is best to check if you are unsure or require specific materials to be removed, just ask!

Is it local grab hire?

If the company is local to your area, you are likely to hear good or bad things about their reputation and this can impact your choice of who to use. At Mayo Stone Grab Hire, we are extremely proud of our reputation built over many years and feedback from customers near you. Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google!

It can be handy to use a company that is close by as it could mean a quicker turnaround time with a shorter distance to travel to you. You would also be supporting local businesses which is extremely appreciated in the current climate.

How much is grab hire?

Dependant on how much waste you need to be removed, where you are based and who you instruct to help, it can change the pricing of grab hire. There are a few factors that can slightly alter the cost, but you should be able to get a rough estimate from looking online or telephoning your top grab hire choices. Don’t be afraid to ask different companies to compare their quotes, you should always ask to obtain a price before going ahead with grab hire so that you aren’t surprised by the total to pay.

If you let us know how much waste you expect to have and when you need us, our friendly team of experts can give you a quote, we’ll be happy to quote you for you’re Grab Hire!

What is the difference between skip hire and grab hire?

It is best to establish the differences between skip hire and grab hire so that you choose the right waste management solution. Grab hire lorries are equipped with a strong arm that can pick up your waste, even in hard-to-reach areas, and load it onto the lorry. This is a very straight-forward way of clearing your domestic or commercial waste. ‍Check out our other article on Grab Hire vs Skip Hire here.

Mayo Stone Grab Hire Manchester.

If you would like more information about our Grab Hire in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Stockport etc, our  team is here to help and can talk through your options to ensure that you get the best waste management solution and value for your project.

We also supply a wide range of both quarried and recycled aggregates, sands and topsoils which we can delivery also when taking your inert and rubble hardcore waste away.

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